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Critical Incident Stress Managment Team

Chair: Lynn Belcher

Need a Critical Incident Debriefing? Contact your nursing leader or the nursing office to schedule the team

What is a Critical Incident?

“Healthcare team members involved in an unanticipated patient event, a medical error and/or a patient related injury and become victimized in the sense that they are traumatized by the event. Frequently, these individuals feel personally responsible for the patient outcome. Many feel as though they have failed the patient, second guessing their clinical skills and knowledge base.” (University of Missouri)

Typical staff response to a critical incident includes worry about:

Is the patient/family okay?

Will I be fired?
Will I be sued?
Will I lose my license?

What will my colleagues think?
Will I ever be trusted again?
Next Steps
What happens next?

Stages of Second Victim Phenomenon

Purpose of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team :
We are your co-workers who have recieved special training to listen and just "be there" for members of our hospital team (clinical and ancillary). We provide you with a non-judgemental, safe zone to talk about the incident. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations-you are not crazy. It is our hope that by intervening early we can help you avoid post traumatic stress.

If you (or a co-worker) has experienced an adverse patient event and are having difficulty dealing with emotions-alert any hospital leader to contact the CISM Team.

Click here for symptoms of stress

Meeting date/time: 2nd Monday at 10am-11am


  • To join the team contact Lynn Belcher or Geri Mellon



    Team members wear the "I care" pin




    Abbot, Cindy

  • Adzima, Pam

  • Bognar, Amanda

    Bagby, Marsha

  • Brown, Brie

  • Bryner, Shauna

  • Dunson, Robert

    Bussard, Elizabeth

  • Iannuccilli, Kerrie

  • Jones, Catherine

  • LaPointe, Linda

  • McCann, Tammy

  • Mejia, Francis

  • Mello, Stepahine

  • Patterson, Andrea

  • Peterson, Jerry

  • Roxbury, Jenipher

  • Schenk, Anne

  • Sponaas, Jennifer

  • Tellefsen, Jeanette

  • Thompson, Erickia

  • Wheeler, Melody

  • Wright, Janet

  • Zimmer, Franciene


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