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Nursing Mentee/Mentor Program
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Nurse Mentoring Program


Consider Becoming a Nurse Mentor in the New Summerlin Hospital Nurse Mentoring Progam

Mentor/Mentee MEET & GREET on November 12 , 5p-6:30pm in the Classroom
Sponsored by the Staffing & Retention Committee

Who can be a mentor?

RNs with 2 years of nursing experience

Full or Part time in a staff or leadership role

Knowledge of the hospitals resources

Desire to mentor a novice nurse

Excellent interpersonal communication skills

Satisfactory or higher performance appaisal

Must attend the paid mentoring workshop

Must complete online mentoring module

Must be willing to commit time to their mentee


2015 Mentor /Mentee Matches

Mentor Mentee
Sandy Henemyer-NICU Norrine Kamikaug-Peds
Christine Gambe-Pershaud-NICU Shelly Carrier-5W
Charles Clendena-CVCU John Ray Torres-5W
Nowlena Papa-SCN Gina Jordan-3S
Shauna Bryner-CVCU Jonathan Higginson-ED
Sharon Pilaez-CVCU Eric Lam-Peds
Nicole Rosato-ICU Tanya Wong-5W
Lesly Choate-ICU Nicole Swaffer-ED
Tammy Gaughan-ICU Selina Lucuara-4W
Ramonita Laquindanam-ICU Laura Czaykowski-5W
Angela Brennan-3S Lorette Yared-4W/S
Sholom Nadler-3S Melissas Springer-5W
Linda Deal-5W Mark Joel Culanag

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